About Us

AT-TV provides localized access towards supporting leasing companies, banks and private equity in the aviation space. The firm was inspired by our experience with localized access and ability to leverage on-ground insights.  

Fleet Evaluation & Procurement

  • Aircraft/ Engine Financing: ~USD 10bn financing solutions delivered
  • PDP Financing: innovative transactions
  • Cost savings: USD 240 mn of savings conceptualized and delivered
  • Fleet Strategy: Deals worth USD 15 Billion concluded
  • Engine Selection: Deal Size – USD 2.4 bn@ list price.
  • Engine Maintenance Contracts: unique PBH agreements worth USD 4 bn over 10 years finalized
  • OEM/ financing relationships: well connected with Boeing, Airbus, PW, CFM, lessors & financiers
  • Vendor Evaluation: evaluation of vendors from Customer experience to Operations. BFE Selection worth USD 50 Million closed
  • Compensation claims: claims collaboratively settled and delivered. Amount of USD 150 mn

Strategy & Planning

  • Comprehensive airline planning including accountability and governance
  • Medium and long term plans delivered (5, 10 and 30 years horizons)
  • International operations planning and integration
  • Growth strategy blueprints for airlines with turnover of USD 5bn
  • Advisory work on revenue targets for a USD 500mn budget
  • Comprehensive supply chain planning
  • MRO and total-cost of asset considerations
  • Risk assessments and mitigations
  • EBITDA expansion and increased stability of cash-flows delivered
  • Profitable growth: delivered

Special Situations

  • Asset sales & restructuring
  • Operational turnarounds: delivered
  • Restructuring options for unlocking up to USD 70mn in value
  • Cash-accretive re-financing
  • Bridge financing of USD 120mn
  • Balance sheet restructuring and recapitalizations
  • Regulatory reviews for assets generating in excess of USD 100mn