4:04 am, Thu, 29 October 20

Will market dynamics force Boeing towards a new clean-sheet aircraft

Boeing reported a $400 million dollar loss for the third quarter alone and for the first time in two decades they revised their market forecast.

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5:46 pm, Fri, 11 September 20

Aircraft as an asset class and impact on India’s airlines

As investors sought diversity, aircraft emerged towards delivering consistent returns and grew to be a very attractive asset class.

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5:14 pm, Tue, 22 October 19

Boeing’s 737 Max fire is now threatening to wreak havoc on other parts of its business

Boeing now faces a huge strategic challenge because the issues may essentially spill over to more than just the 737 Max

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12:24 pm, Wed, 31 July 19

Why Indigo dropped Pratt and Whitney and went with CFM for its mega engine order

Indigo’s fleet strategy has been one that combines pricing power by volumes coupled with a sale and leaseback financing mechanism.

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