6:23 am, Wed, 16 June 21

Vaccine passports

Your Vacation Travel Checklist Must Now Include Vaccine Passport. But, It’s Easier Said than Done

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3:00 pm, Sat, 23 January 21

Beyond the data: The changing nature of India’s air travel demand

The rising traveller numbers only speak of volumes. What is more concerning is the quality of revenue emanating from the demand. The quality of revenue has definitely declined and is attributed to the decimation of business travel.

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2:07 pm, Wed, 29 July 20

Retelling The Jet Airways Saga: How India’s Premier Airline Found Itself Grounded Part 1

India’s oldest private airline, Jet Airways, announced the suspension of operations last year. After 26 years of operations, the last flight flown was from Amritsar to Mumbai at 10.30 pm on April 17, 2019.

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1:02 pm, Thu, 14 May 20

Airlines and the post-lockdown planning challenge

For airline planners the challenge is to look at a broad set of parameters that do not necessarily correlate and discern trends.

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2:09 pm, Wed, 15 April 20

Airline Business Model And New Normal

The current narrative assumes that the new-normal builds on the old base and old ways of travel which will by all accounts be more cumbersome. But with innovation, there could be another reality: where the new normal may very well be more pleasant than the old ways of travel.

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12:10 pm, Tue, 7 January 20

The consequences of using standalone metrics in aviation

When it comes to understanding the success of Indian aviation, the consequences of using stand-alone metrics may make the final analysis inconsequential.

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8:38 am, Fri, 3 January 20

Why the Air India disinvestment will likely be a sale of parts

The true value of the airline can only be established by examining the parts as stand-alone entities.

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2:13 pm, Wed, 11 December 19

Air India was due to be operationally profitable the coming year. So what happened?

Air India has reported a loss of Rs 8,640 crore for the 2018-19 financial year despite a domestic marketshare of 12.9 percent and an international marketshare of 68 percent.

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10:18 am, Wed, 4 December 19

How IndiGo is backpedalling from its avowed LCC model

The 321s give the airline 19 percent additional capacity per flight with economics that are still competitive.

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