12:50 pm, Mon, 2 December 19

IndiGo has abandoned its pure low-cost carrier model

IndiGo is no longer content being the dominant domestic airline in India and is steadily positioning itself to become a major player in the international segment as well.

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7:40 am, Wed, 21 August 19

Why India is a graveyard for regional airlines

Currently, approximately 61 percent of the domestic traffic and 73 percent of international traffic still originates from the 6 metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Cochin.

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1:29 am, Mon, 29 July 19

By the numbers: What an Air India turnaround entails

The sad fact is that for the amount of money that has been put into Air India, a new airline could be established.

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12:43 pm, Tue, 30 April 19

Jet Airways: How to value an airline that is grounded

Owing to a string of disconcerting events — lessors’ repossession of aircraft, defaults including breach of debt covenants and multiple resignations — Jet Airways is a shadow of what it used to be.

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1:18 pm, Wed, 10 April 19

Tepid interest in Jet Airways and Air India: Why investors must take a second look at how Indian airlines are valued

India’s airlines have been on a buying spree. But their ability to finance these aircraft, the ability to induct the aircraft and the ability to dispose of these aircraft presents a very different picture.

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