6:23 am, Wed, 16 June 21

Vaccine passports

Your Vacation Travel Checklist Must Now Include Vaccine Passport. But, It’s Easier Said than Done

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6:20 am, Wed, 16 June 21

Indian Airport Privatisation Challenges

Indian Airports Need an Upgrade, but Next Round of Privatisation Faces Unique Challenges

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3:00 pm, Sat, 23 January 21

Beyond the data: The changing nature of India’s air travel demand

The rising traveller numbers only speak of volumes. What is more concerning is the quality of revenue emanating from the demand. The quality of revenue has definitely declined and is attributed to the decimation of business travel.

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2:58 am, Tue, 5 January 21

To make India truly affordable for travellers, tackle airport monopolies

Metro airports continue to be key to aviation traffic with about 61 percent of the domestic traffic and 73 percent of international traffic originating from the six cities.

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2:54 pm, Sun, 6 September 20

Soaring Aviation Ambitions Of Adani Group Appears Grounded In Its Vision Of Emerging As An Integrated Infrastructure Behemoth

With the acquisition of a 74 per cent stake in Mumbai International Airport Limited (“MIAL”), the Adani group is now the largest airport operator in the country.

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4:26 pm, Mon, 31 August 20

The Airport In Jewar: A Much Needed Respite For Travellers

Airports are strategic assets for the nation. By their very nature, they drive output, employment and connectivity impacts. The connectivity, in turn, lends itself to improving tourism, trade, technology, transport and talent.

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4:28 pm, Tue, 4 August 20

A Story Of Airport To Nowhere: Is Navi Mumbai Airport Finally Ready To Take Off?

Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, contributes over 20% to Maharashtra’s GDP. An important city by many measures, it accounts for 16% of India’s total airport passenger flows, 28% of total air-cargo flows and 15% of total aircraft movements.

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1:36 pm, Thu, 28 May 20

The crash landing of airports as an asset class

Airport investors face a turbulent flight-path ahead.

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3:21 pm, Sat, 11 April 20

Rethinking The Airline Hub

For airlines this means revisiting entire network and fleet plans and adapting to the new reality. Above all, the hub concept will need to be adapted.

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12:30 pm, Mon, 18 November 19

Why India’s airport development model badly needs an overhaul

Delhi airport final project cost was 3.8 times the initial estimate and in the case of Mumbai it was 1.7 times the initial estimate.

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