8:42 am, Tue, 22 September 20

Why There Is An Urgent Need To Build Aircraft Leasing And Financing Infrastructure

Aviation industry stakeholders are screaming for solutions, and the need to build India’s aircraft leasing and financing infrastructure has never been more urgent.

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5:46 am, Fri, 11 September 20

Aircraft as an asset class and impact on India’s airlines

As investors sought diversity, aircraft emerged towards delivering consistent returns and grew to be a very attractive asset class.

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5:39 pm, Mon, 24 August 20

Diminished cash-flow and exhausted credit: India’s airlines are on the edge of a precipice

What started as a descent at the beginning of the year has become a nosedive.

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4:26 am, Fri, 31 July 20

Why Airlines In India Have No Option But To Start From A Zero Base

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, India’s airlines are one of the most affected. Liquidity is constrained while losses are building up.

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12:10 pm, Mon, 15 June 20

COVID Impact: Aircraft lessors find themselves re-evaluating India exposure

As Indian aviation struggles through what may be its greatest challenge to date, aircraft lessors will face challenges.

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11:45 am, Thu, 31 October 19

Why sale and leaseback is the centerpiece of IndiGo’s massive aircraft orders

With IndiGo’s latest shopping trip for 300 Airbus planes, India’s airlines collectively have 1,200+ aircraft on order — more than double the existing Indian commercial aviation fleet.

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5:47 am, Fri, 13 September 19

Analysis: India’s airlines face a crushing liquidity crunch

Airlines, after all, require large amounts of capital for day-to-day operations.

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2:29 pm, Thu, 1 August 19

Dark clouds loom over fleet financing and why that matters for Indian airlines

Up to 80 percent of the current commercial aviation Indian fleet is leased.

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12:43 pm, Tue, 30 April 19

Jet Airways: How to value an airline that is grounded

Owing to a string of disconcerting events — lessors’ repossession of aircraft, defaults including breach of debt covenants and multiple resignations — Jet Airways is a shadow of what it used to be.

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