6:23 am, Wed, 16 June 21

Vaccine passports

Your Vacation Travel Checklist Must Now Include Vaccine Passport. But, It’s Easier Said than Done

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6:20 am, Wed, 16 June 21

Indian Airport Privatisation Challenges

Indian Airports Need an Upgrade, but Next Round of Privatisation Faces Unique Challenges

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11:16 am, Thu, 24 December 20

How India’s Unconventional Aviation Policy Prevented Airline Failure

India’s approach towards aviation industry worked in light of the Covid pandemic induced lockdown.

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11:20 am, Thu, 10 December 20

Fight For Flight: The Story Of Tata Group In The Airline Industry

As rumours abound about a potential Tata group investment into Air India, questions have started to emerge into the group’s entry into the airline business itself.

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11:25 am, Tue, 1 December 20

India’s Regional Airlines: The Missing Connectivity Link

As the country continues to focus on connectivity initiatives, regional airlines are yet to see traction. The regional airline landscape is evolving and unfortunately has seen very few successes.

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8:47 am, Mon, 19 October 20

Changing Air Travel Behavior: Because The Unprecedented Is Unprecedented

Until the beginning of this year, India’s aviation sector was on a rapid ascent.

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11:27 am, Thu, 30 July 20

Underserved And Unserved: Addressing The Complex Challenge Of Air Connectivity In North East India

An ethnically, culturally, and geographically diverse region, North-East India is connected with the rest of the country through a narrow corridor of approximately 21 kilometres.

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7:22 am, Mon, 4 May 20

Airlines May Have To Derive Inspiration From Foreign Policy Dating Back To The Cold War Era

Confidence building measures or CBMs came into the lexicon during the cold war era. These were steps towards minimizing tensions and building trust between nuclear powers.

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11:37 am, Fri, 27 March 20

The Case For Developing 100 Regional Airports In India

Earlier this year the government laid out the ambitious plan to develop hundred regional airports. This in conjunction with an infrastructure push, and towards connecting all parts of the country.

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11:59 am, Wed, 26 February 20

India’s Aviation Industry Has An Unlikely Competitor -The Railways

Indian aviation has witnessed exponential growth over the last decade. The financial year 2018-19 saw 275 million travellers, 2.5 million air transport movements and 3.5 million metric tonnes of cargo move in and out of Indian airports.

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