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6:25 am, Wed, 16 June 21

Complexity In Aviation

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6:23 am, Wed, 16 June 21

Vaccine passports

Your Vacation Travel Checklist Must Now Include Vaccine Passport. But, It’s Easier Said than Done

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6:20 am, Wed, 16 June 21

Indian Airport Privatisation Challenges

Indian Airports Need an Upgrade, but Next Round of Privatisation Faces Unique Challenges

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3:00 pm, Sat, 23 January 21

Beyond the data: The changing nature of India’s air travel demand

The rising traveller numbers only speak of volumes. What is more concerning is the quality of revenue emanating from the demand. The quality of revenue has definitely declined and is attributed to the decimation of business travel.

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2:58 am, Tue, 5 January 21

To make India truly affordable for travellers, tackle airport monopolies

Metro airports continue to be key to aviation traffic with about 61 percent of the domestic traffic and 73 percent of international traffic originating from the six cities.

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11:16 am, Thu, 24 December 20

How India’s Unconventional Aviation Policy Prevented Airline Failure

India’s approach towards aviation industry worked in light of the Covid pandemic induced lockdown.

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11:20 am, Thu, 10 December 20

Fight For Flight: The Story Of Tata Group In The Airline Industry

As rumours abound about a potential Tata group investment into Air India, questions have started to emerge into the group’s entry into the airline business itself.

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11:25 am, Tue, 1 December 20

India’s Regional Airlines: The Missing Connectivity Link

As the country continues to focus on connectivity initiatives, regional airlines are yet to see traction. The regional airline landscape is evolving and unfortunately has seen very few successes.

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4:04 am, Thu, 29 October 20

Will market dynamics force Boeing towards a new clean-sheet aircraft

Boeing reported a $400 million dollar loss for the third quarter alone and for the first time in two decades they revised their market forecast.

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8:47 am, Mon, 19 October 20

Changing Air Travel Behavior: Because The Unprecedented Is Unprecedented

Until the beginning of this year, India’s aviation sector was on a rapid ascent.

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5:37 am, Thu, 8 October 20

Will Supersonic aircraft make a comeback?

Supersonic flights may very well change the face of air travel

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8:48 am, Mon, 28 September 20

Indian MRO: The 1.4 Billion Dollar Opportunity

India prides itself with producing some of the best engineering minds and technical talent.

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8:42 am, Tue, 22 September 20

Why There Is An Urgent Need To Build Aircraft Leasing And Financing Infrastructure

Aviation industry stakeholders are screaming for solutions, and the need to build India’s aircraft leasing and financing infrastructure has never been more urgent.

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5:46 pm, Fri, 11 September 20

Aircraft as an asset class and impact on India’s airlines

As investors sought diversity, aircraft emerged towards delivering consistent returns and grew to be a very attractive asset class.

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5:46 am, Fri, 11 September 20

Aircraft as an asset class and impact on India’s airlines

As investors sought diversity, aircraft emerged towards delivering consistent returns and grew to be a very attractive asset class.

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2:54 pm, Sun, 6 September 20

Soaring Aviation Ambitions Of Adani Group Appears Grounded In Its Vision Of Emerging As An Integrated Infrastructure Behemoth

With the acquisition of a 74 per cent stake in Mumbai International Airport Limited (“MIAL”), the Adani group is now the largest airport operator in the country.

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4:26 pm, Mon, 31 August 20

The Airport In Jewar: A Much Needed Respite For Travellers

Airports are strategic assets for the nation. By their very nature, they drive output, employment and connectivity impacts. The connectivity, in turn, lends itself to improving tourism, trade, technology, transport and talent.

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5:39 pm, Mon, 24 August 20

Diminished cash-flow and exhausted credit: India’s airlines are on the edge of a precipice

What started as a descent at the beginning of the year has become a nosedive.

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4:28 pm, Tue, 4 August 20

A Story Of Airport To Nowhere: Is Navi Mumbai Airport Finally Ready To Take Off?

Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, contributes over 20% to Maharashtra’s GDP. An important city by many measures, it accounts for 16% of India’s total airport passenger flows, 28% of total air-cargo flows and 15% of total aircraft movements.

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4:26 am, Fri, 31 July 20

Why Airlines In India Have No Option But To Start From A Zero Base

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, India’s airlines are one of the most affected. Liquidity is constrained while losses are building up.

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11:27 am, Thu, 30 July 20

Underserved And Unserved: Addressing The Complex Challenge Of Air Connectivity In North East India

An ethnically, culturally, and geographically diverse region, North-East India is connected with the rest of the country through a narrow corridor of approximately 21 kilometres.

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2:07 pm, Wed, 29 July 20

Retelling The Jet Airways Saga: How India’s Premier Airline Found Itself Grounded Part 1

India’s oldest private airline, Jet Airways, announced the suspension of operations last year. After 26 years of operations, the last flight flown was from Amritsar to Mumbai at 10.30 pm on April 17, 2019.

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12:31 pm, Tue, 7 July 20

How travel distribution and GDS systems are being disrupted: one click at a time

A GDS system is like an online store where inventory (namely: airline seats and schedules) are displayed electronically.

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12:16 pm, Mon, 22 June 20

As Air-Travel Plummets, Will OTA’s Be Forced To Pivot Or Shut Down?

OTA’s that can successfully pivot may be able to weather the storm. Others may be forced to consolidate or shut down.

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12:10 pm, Mon, 15 June 20

COVID Impact: Aircraft lessors find themselves re-evaluating India exposure

As Indian aviation struggles through what may be its greatest challenge to date, aircraft lessors will face challenges.

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12:13 pm, Mon, 8 June 20

Will The Indian MRO Industry Finally Take Off?

With the tax policy changes, India’s MROs have for the first time been able to start to see light at the end of the tunnel. Significant Capex coupled with additional policy alignment is still required. As these issues are gradually addressed, MRO’s in India’s may finally take-off.

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1:36 pm, Thu, 28 May 20

The crash landing of airports as an asset class

Airport investors face a turbulent flight-path ahead.

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1:02 pm, Thu, 14 May 20

Airlines and the post-lockdown planning challenge

For airline planners the challenge is to look at a broad set of parameters that do not necessarily correlate and discern trends.

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7:22 am, Mon, 4 May 20

Airlines May Have To Derive Inspiration From Foreign Policy Dating Back To The Cold War Era

Confidence building measures or CBMs came into the lexicon during the cold war era. These were steps towards minimizing tensions and building trust between nuclear powers.

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2:09 pm, Wed, 15 April 20

Airline Business Model And New Normal

The current narrative assumes that the new-normal builds on the old base and old ways of travel which will by all accounts be more cumbersome. But with innovation, there could be another reality: where the new normal may very well be more pleasant than the old ways of travel.

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3:21 pm, Sat, 11 April 20

Rethinking The Airline Hub

For airlines this means revisiting entire network and fleet plans and adapting to the new reality. Above all, the hub concept will need to be adapted.

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11:37 am, Fri, 27 March 20

The Case For Developing 100 Regional Airports In India

Earlier this year the government laid out the ambitious plan to develop hundred regional airports. This in conjunction with an infrastructure push, and towards connecting all parts of the country.

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11:59 am, Wed, 26 February 20

India’s Aviation Industry Has An Unlikely Competitor -The Railways

Indian aviation has witnessed exponential growth over the last decade. The financial year 2018-19 saw 275 million travellers, 2.5 million air transport movements and 3.5 million metric tonnes of cargo move in and out of Indian airports.

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12:12 pm, Mon, 17 February 20

Why India’s Airport Development Cannot Force-Fit Western Models

India has witnessed tremendous aviation growth in the past decade. Airports are bursting at the seams and the capacity lags far behind demand.

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12:10 pm, Tue, 7 January 20

The consequences of using standalone metrics in aviation

When it comes to understanding the success of Indian aviation, the consequences of using stand-alone metrics may make the final analysis inconsequential.

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8:38 am, Fri, 3 January 20

Why the Air India disinvestment will likely be a sale of parts

The true value of the airline can only be established by examining the parts as stand-alone entities.

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2:13 pm, Wed, 11 December 19

Air India was due to be operationally profitable the coming year. So what happened?

Air India has reported a loss of Rs 8,640 crore for the 2018-19 financial year despite a domestic marketshare of 12.9 percent and an international marketshare of 68 percent.

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10:18 am, Wed, 4 December 19

How IndiGo is backpedalling from its avowed LCC model

The 321s give the airline 19 percent additional capacity per flight with economics that are still competitive.

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12:50 pm, Mon, 2 December 19

IndiGo has abandoned its pure low-cost carrier model

IndiGo is no longer content being the dominant domestic airline in India and is steadily positioning itself to become a major player in the international segment as well.

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12:30 pm, Mon, 18 November 19

Why India’s airport development model badly needs an overhaul

Delhi airport final project cost was 3.8 times the initial estimate and in the case of Mumbai it was 1.7 times the initial estimate.

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11:45 am, Thu, 31 October 19

Why sale and leaseback is the centerpiece of IndiGo’s massive aircraft orders

With IndiGo’s latest shopping trip for 300 Airbus planes, India’s airlines collectively have 1,200+ aircraft on order — more than double the existing Indian commercial aviation fleet.

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5:14 pm, Tue, 22 October 19

Boeing’s 737 Max fire is now threatening to wreak havoc on other parts of its business

Boeing now faces a huge strategic challenge because the issues may essentially spill over to more than just the 737 Max

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8:02 am, Sat, 28 September 19

Why Dubai’s plan to build the world’s largest airport is facing turbulence

The completion date for the first phase had already seen a five-year delay and was pushed to the latter half of 2030.

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5:47 am, Fri, 13 September 19

Analysis: India’s airlines face a crushing liquidity crunch

Airlines, after all, require large amounts of capital for day-to-day operations.

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6:41 am, Wed, 4 September 19

Why India badly needs multi-airport systems

Till date, the capacity expansion at Indian airports has mostly focused on the terminals.

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7:40 am, Wed, 21 August 19

Why India is a graveyard for regional airlines

Currently, approximately 61 percent of the domestic traffic and 73 percent of international traffic still originates from the 6 metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Cochin.

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2:29 pm, Thu, 1 August 19

Dark clouds loom over fleet financing and why that matters for Indian airlines

Up to 80 percent of the current commercial aviation Indian fleet is leased.

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12:24 pm, Wed, 31 July 19

Why Indigo dropped Pratt and Whitney and went with CFM for its mega engine order

Indigo’s fleet strategy has been one that combines pricing power by volumes coupled with a sale and leaseback financing mechanism.

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1:29 am, Mon, 29 July 19

By the numbers: What an Air India turnaround entails

The sad fact is that for the amount of money that has been put into Air India, a new airline could be established.

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12:43 pm, Tue, 30 April 19

Jet Airways: How to value an airline that is grounded

Owing to a string of disconcerting events — lessors’ repossession of aircraft, defaults including breach of debt covenants and multiple resignations — Jet Airways is a shadow of what it used to be.

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1:18 pm, Wed, 10 April 19

Tepid interest in Jet Airways and Air India: Why investors must take a second look at how Indian airlines are valued

India’s airlines have been on a buying spree. But their ability to finance these aircraft, the ability to induct the aircraft and the ability to dispose of these aircraft presents a very different picture.

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